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Types of Inspections We Offer


We  frequently perform many types of inspections to include standard pre-purchase, pre-sale, one year home warranty, wind mitigation, four point, pest and termite, radon, and mold inspections. To familiarize yourself with the various types of inspections we do, visit Home Inspections Details.


We Choose Quality Over Quantity



Most home inspectors in Florida make it a point to complete their home inspections in two hours or less no matter what the situation. If it is a larger home, they have multiple inspectors and ensure that this is the case every time so that the daily quota of inspections are made.Although it is necessary to be efficient and timely, effective communication in what  to expect and taking the time to perform a quality inspection is most important to us as a company rather than how many daily inspections done. We always discuss the realistic expectations with you and your Realtor well before each inspection, considering your schedule, needs, and wants. Taking the time in being able to conduct a thorough, unrushed, high quality home inspection is more concerning than our bottom line. Our good reputation, and long term, great service to our clients is always our top concern. All other rewards follow from that.


We are  a Paperless Company


Wise Home Services offers our clients a totally paperless report process from the initial home inspection agreement to the final home inspection report. The inspection agreement is electronically signed before the inspection begins. All inspection information is gathered digitally during the course of the inspection. The inspector will quickly prepare the report on their laptop at the time of the inspection.  The inspector will then screen share the digital report on up to three inspector provided tablets for you and your Realtor to follow along as the report is presented in detail, answering all questions and concerns you or the Realtor might have. For those clients who are not yet ready to go paperless, we can pre-print the inspection agreement  to be signed and send them a postal mailed copy of the inspection report if they do not have email for an additional fee.



We won’t “blow your deal” by being overly specific or technical


We realize when Realtors refer us to clients their hard work in closing the deal is dependent on what we report to you the client. We also want to spare you any unnecessary disappointment about a house you are already forming happy thoughts about making  into a home. Although we are highly detailed, experienced, and thorough, we effectively communicate with the client in presenting the home inspection report in a manner that will not overwhelm or confuse them. However, keeping in mind our own reputation and liability risks, we won’t omit any problems or issues from the report, but will educate you as to what impact all of the information in the report will have on your purchase.


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